Specialised GT Popping

Live-aboard dedicated top water charters!

Giant Trevally grow to over 100lb and are renowned for breaking inferior quality rods, reels and terminal tackle. Once hooked, the “GT” (as they are commonly known) will head for the bottom or nearest structure to cut you off! Pound for pound they are arguably the toughest fighting fish. The Great Barrier Reef and Whitsunday Islands boast a healthy population of GT’s. They are a challenge to catch when using popping/stickbait lures and metal jigs. Mix that with shallow reefs and bommies where they are found and you have a real fight to land these fish.

Casting surface blooping poppers around schools of fusiliers is a sure fire way of getting a spectacular surface strike from these brutes of the reef. Although GT’s are the main target with the poppers/stickbaits, we can also hook spanish mackerel, maori wrasse, barracuda and coral trout.

When the baitfish are deeper in the water column we deploy large metal knife jigs which are a very successful method of hooking GT’s, spanish mackerel and coral trout. Chasing GT’s is one of our favourite forms of fishing here at Sea Fever! We never tire of seeing their aggressive surface strike! We have released GT’s over 40kg with even bigger ones hooked. The average size is around 20kg which will still press the best anglers and gear.

Our vessel “Reel Easy” is fast and maneuverable, perfect for chasing GTs around the shallow reefs. Reel Easy has a “Tuna Tower” with a driving station making her great for spotting schools of baitfish and navigating around the reef. Reel Easy has a large foredeck for 2-3 anglers casting poppers, while the back deck can accommodate 2 anglers.


Option 1. Airlie Beach Live-Aboard GT Adventure

The best way to get the ultimate GT experience is to do an extended live-aboard trip. We can do up to 4 days at our local grounds as we have endless amounts of reefs to fish to keep the top water angler happy! We also don’t fish the same reefs twice, we’re exploring new grounds every day. Although GT is the target species we do get other bi-catch also with Spanish mackerel, coral trout, green jobfish, red bass and the highly prized Napoleon Wrasse at times happy to grab a popper or stick bait! If conditions are suitable we can head wide to the outer shoals and target dogtooth tuna on jigs and trolling (minimum 3 days).

  • From: 1-3 nights
  • Depart: Port of Airlie, 6am 1st day
  • Return: Port of Airlie, 5pm approx, last day
  • Cost: Enquire [max 4 passengers]


Option 2. Exploratory Trips to the Bugatti Reef System

For the serious GT fanatic we can design a trip to the infamous Bugatti reef system targeting tackle busting size GTs and dogtooth. Bugatti (and up to 100nm to the south) is a huge reef system that is very unexplored. With the travel distances involved the charter needs to be 6 or 7 days in duration. We depart the first day and travel for 12hrs(approx weather dependant) to the south east. We fish for the next 5 1/2 days and then return on the last day in the afternoon. Nights are spent anchored in a reef lagoon where fishing for demersal species can keep all entertained! Every trip we’ve done to this area we fish new reefs. This is the ultimate exploration trip!

  • From: 6+ days
  • Depart: Port of Airlie, afternoon 1st day
  • Return: Port of Airlie, afternoon, last day
  • Cost: Enquire [max 4 passengers]


Charter includes:

  • Experienced crew – Captain and deckhand
  • Limited gear, popping/jigging outfits, poppers, stickbaits and jigs
  • Meals, snacks, bottled water, tea, coffee and soft drinks
  • Bedding, linen and towels
  • Edible catch cleaned for you to enjoy

Please bring:

  • Gear – popping/jigging, poppers/stickbaits, jigs, terminal gear etc
  • Clothing for the duration of the trip, toiletries, sunglasses, hat and camera
  • Alcoholic beverages (limits apply, cans preferred)
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